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Trip to Monemvasia and Plytra: A magical choice that will fascinate you!

One of the most beautiful times of the year has finally arrived, and it invites us to take advantage of it for our personal pleasure! The summer months are just a breath away, motivating us to enjoy the blooming and sunny moments of nature, in an impressive feast of colors and fragrances. The magic of the spring and summer scents invites us to meet and discover small heavenly destinations that are right next to us. One of these destinations that really impresses are Plytra and Monemvasia, two areas that are ideally combined in one trip, for an experience that will remain unforgettable. The trip to Monemvasia and Plytra is a delightful experience of relaxation, exploration and absolute beauty, far from the worries and anxieties of everyday life!
Trip to Monemvasia: The picturesque gem of Peloponnese invites you to discover it

Beautiful Monemvasia is a town in the eastern Peloponnese, abundant in natural beauty and history. The "Gibraltar of the East" as it is commonly called, is the hometown of the poet Yiannis Ritsos and promises to enchant every visitor with its medieval beauty and picturesque architecture. This jewel of the Peloponnese transports visitors to the glory of an earlier era, with its medieval castle and picturesque streets. Upon entering the town, the main Byzantine cobbled street takes visitors to the central square with the ancient cannon and the Church of the Anointed Christ, whose beauty is worth admiring if you decide to enter. If you're looking for a dreamy trip back in time, it's worth going up to the medieval castle and admiring the truly breathtaking views. The climb to the castle can be demanding, but the effort is more than worth it, as one faces the absolute beauty, an unrivaled landscape with clear blue waters all around. Full of stone steps, alleys, fairy-tale houses, arches and churches, the trip to Monemvasia is accompanied by history lessons, as many cultures have left their marks on it over the years.

Walk in the Upper Town and visit the Church of Agia Sophia during your trip to Monemvasia

If you wish to make a complete trip to Monemvasia, you should not miss the visit to the flourishing Upper Town. The Upper Town is now uninhabited, but rich in natural and historical wealth. As soon as you go up, you will see the residences of the lords, cobbled streets, Byzantine churches and a magical landscape that truly takes your breath away. If you continue your walk uphill, you will reach the highest point of the Upper Town, where the Church of Agia Sophia is located. This temple captivates the eye with its imposing architecture and impressive beauty.

Plytra: A dreamy summer destination

In order to enjoy your excursion to Monemvasia and Plytra, the ideal place to stay is the holiday destination of Plytra. In Plytra you will find plenty of options for food, entertainment and swimming in the sea. In fact, there is also the cosmopolitan Pachia Ammos beach with crystal clear waters, where you should enjoy your swim. At the edge of Plytra is the sunken ancient city, which any swimmer can distinguish by wearing only a simple mask. In fact, by choosing Plytra as a place to stay, every visitor can organize excursions to a number of impressive destinations, such as Monemvasia, Elafonissos, Areopoli, central Mani, Sparta and Mystras. From Plytra you can also take the boat to visit the small port in Karavostasi, exploiting the opportunity to discover the natural beauty of the wider area.

Accommodation in Plytra

In a magical spot of Plytra, right on the sea, is Princess Kyniska Suites. Princess Kyniska's spacious suites are inspired by laconic beauty, providing each guest with a unique experience of comfort, rest and tranquility. The stay at Princess Kyniska Suites is characterized by impressive beauty, as the 24 suites that the hotel complex has are built on different levels, thus providing an excellent panoramic view of the Plytra’s bay. Guests have plenty of relaxation options as they can enjoy a swim in the hotel complex's swimming pool or take advantage of the relaxing massage services offered by the spa. As for dining options, you can choose the Al Pa Ya Pool Bar or the Princess restaurant, where food and drinks are served throughout the day. Princess Kyniska Suites offers all the amenities that will turn your vacation into a highly enjoyable and relaxing experience, helping you create impeccable memories!