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Kyniska Palace

Kyniska Palace is a serene hideaway at the foothills of mountain Taygetos where nature, discreet luxury and local myths are in perfect harmony. If you are looking for a breathtaking, all year round holiday experience, full of comfort and authentic hospitality in the heart of the Peloponnese, this is the place to be.
Welcome to Kyniska Palace Hotel - Kyniska Group of Hotels

Welcome to Kyniska Palace Hotel

Built by the glorious Spartan stone, 10 minutes from the center of Sparta and only 5 minutes from the legendary castle town of Mystras, this brand-new, 5 star hotel in the Peloponnese, develops with respect to the scenery, through 9 buildings and 32 luxury suites. Lose track of time and allow yourself to drift into an enchanting, almost mystical “journey” surrounded by the awe-inspiring and wildly beautiful Peloponnesian landscape.



Kyniska Palace combines uniquely a 5-star hospitality experience with exciting experiences, perfect for all seasons. Rest assured that your stay in a hotel has never been so complete before.

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Enliven your senses

The formidable Castle Town of Mystras is a UNESCO World Heritage Monument and takes you back in the Medieval era, in an untouched landmark worth visiting. Immerse in the Byzantine culture, admiring the perfectly preserved churches as you walk up and down the cobbled pathways. Surrounded in nature’s bliss, feel the nostalgic aura and sip on some coffee accompanied with traditional spoon sweets. The view from the hill is breathtaking, blue as far as the eye can see.

Indulge in Luxury
Kyniska Palace, named after the first female Olympic champion in chariot races of Ancient Greece in 396 BC, offers supreme 5-star hospitality to travelers in search of something unique and extraordinary. In perfect alignment with the natural surroundings, the property welcomes you to enjoy the sophisticated architecture and immerse in absolute luxury and comfort. Dip in the refreshing swimming pool and get sunkissed overlooking the enchanting scenery, taste authentic flavors of the Peloponnese at Myles Restaurant, invigorate your senses at the lovely Spa and relax. A precious experience in an undiscovered land awaits!