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3+1 reasons to visit Mystras in spring

Spring has arrived, and along with the colorful blooming flowers and sunny weather it has brought the desire for excursions away from Athens. Whichever city, big or small, someone chooses to visit, it is for sure the best time, as the beauty is brought out by the beautiful trees, blooming flowers and sunny atmosphere. Among the most enticing destinations is the enchanting castle town of Mystras, a gem in the heart of the Peloponnese. Mystras is an ideal destination in the spring months, as it promises to take you on a magical journey through time and history, while providing all the comforts of today. In fact, the archaeological site of Mystras is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. But what are the reasons to visit Mystras in spring?
1. Archaeological walk among the picturesque monuments of Mystras
In Mystras you will have the opportunity to enjoy your walk among the picturesque monuments of the castle town, overlooking the valley of Sparta and the peaks of the mountains of Parnon and Taygetos. The walk between the picturesque buildings of Mystras, accompanied by the intoxicating aromas of spring, can really captivate you. The castle town of Mystras offers lessons in Byzantine history, as it is a representative sample of Byzantine architecture and painting. It is one of the best-preserved medieval castle towns, something the visitors realize especially if they arrive in Pano Chora and see its castle, palaces, churches, mansions and old houses. The climb can be a bit tiring, but the scenery that one faces upon reaching the highest point of the castle will certainly reward the effort. Its picturesque buildings give the feeling of visiting a living monument, which especially during spring, offers an unforgettable experience.

2. Stop at the archaeological museum of Mystras
In addition to touring the imposing castle town, anyone visiting Mystras in the spring should make a stop at the museum, where they will see impressive Byzantine exhibits. The archaeological museum of Mystras was founded in 1951 and is located in the Metropolis (or Agios Dimitrios, as it is otherwise called). It includes many exhibits such as sculptures, capitals, icons, marble shrines, tombstones with monograms, coins, personal items, jewelry, handicrafts, textiles and other interesting objects. The walk through the museum highlights the greatness of Byzantine history, taking the visitor on a journey back to the iconic past.

3. Visit to the church of Agia Sophia
If you decide to visit Pano Chora of Mystras, apart from visiting the imposing buildings of the castle town, it is worth making a stop at the church of Agia Sophia. This Byzantine church is located in the area of the palace, and it used to work as the palace church. While taking a walk inside the church, the impressive frescoes of both the church and its chapels, as well as its imposing architecture, captivate the eye.

4. The impressive facilities of Kyniska Palace
What better than the comforts of a 5-star hotel, to complement this enchanting trip to Mystras in spring? At the bottom of Taygetos, the visitor faces the refined architecture and discreet luxury of Kyniska Palace. The hotel offers comfort, luxury and high-quality services, transporting the visitor to an atmosphere that reminisces a fairytale. The choices among a multitude of luxurious suites of the hotel meet all the tastes and individual needs of the guests, ensuring a complete hospitality and enjoyment experience. Kyniska Palace has a swimming pool, spa services for insurmountable moments of relaxation, and a restaurant with authentic Peloponnesian flavors. Your stay at the hotel will be truly unforgettable!

Without a doubt, Mystras in the spring is a unique experience, a feast for the eyes that is truly worth experiencing. This perfectly preserved medieval castle town unfolds its beauty to every visitor, emitting an intoxicating energy that is truly unforgettable. The buildings and constructions of past centuries, the picturesque cobblestones and the breathtaking view are harmoniously combined with the most modern facilities and comforts. What more do you need to start organizing your excursion?