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How your wedding trip can become unforgettable!

Have you just tied the knot with your significant other, and are you looking for a calm, idyllic location that will relax you and encourage you to enjoy unique moments? In order for the wonderful memories of your wedding to continue on your honeymoon, choosing the right location and of course the ideal hotel is of utmost importance. The combination of a beautiful destination with a luxurious hotel can truly provide any newlywed couple with unforgettable experiences in the first days of married life. Many people choose a destination abroad, but Greece, with its simple and airy luxury, seascapes, unique hospitality and Mediterranean dishes, can fascinate you. However, the wedding trip does not necessarily have to involve visiting an island, since the mountain also has its own charm. Of course, if there was a place that combined sea and mountain, it would be the ideal scenario. Is there; Is it time to experience unique romantic moments while enjoying the picturesque beauty of the Peloponnese?

Wedding trip in a picturesque paradise
The Peloponnese is famous for its diversity, as it has not only wonderful beaches but also steep mountains and lush green vineyards. This diversity offers ample possibilities for a newlywed couple to live unique experiences and indulge in different activities. Among the spectacular regions of the Peloponnese, the enchanting Mystras promises to steal the show. At a distance of 5 minutes there is the Kyniska Palace, a luxury hotel that offers excellent hospitality, opportunities for romantic moments and wonderful culinary dishes. Kyniska Palace is located in the Parori region of Laconia, just 10 minutes from the city of Sparta and 5 minutes from the castle city of Mystras.

What to expect at Kyniska Palace
From the moment you arrive at Kyniska Palace, the hotel staff will do their best to provide you with the hospitality you deserve! The staff are available to assist with any request, and their knowledge of the area and attention to detail ensure a seamless and personalized wedding trip. At the same time, each hotel room has been decorated in such a way that exudes luxury and relaxation, as it has spacious spaces, luxurious bathrooms and balconies with a view, ideal for relaxing and enjoying the amazing scenery. And especially after the frenzied celebration of the wedding, I think it's the right time to take a breath, unwind and spend special moments with your other half. After the wedding celebration is over, Kyniska Palace Hotel is sure to be a haven of comfort and enjoyment during your wedding trip while offering a variety of delightful amenities. Who are they; Relaxing in the luxurious spa or enjoying a refreshing dip in the pool. In fact, the hotel's spa promises to offer unique moments of relaxation for every couple that chooses Kyniska Palace for their honeymoon. Newlywed couples can even enjoy massages, face and body treatments and other unique treatments that offer impressive rejuvenation!

Culinary delights
Kyniska Palace offers an exceptional dining experience as it has an excellent in-house restaurant, Myles Restaurant, named after the mythical king of Laconia, Myles. The hotel's chef uniquely marries traditional Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with modern flavors and textures. The result: Extremely sensational, especially if paired with a fine wine! For a more romantic experience on your wedding trip, don't hesitate to ask us to serve your food to your room, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a private meal on the balcony or in the comfort of your suite.

If, on the other hand, you want a meal in a more romantic setting, the pool bar - restaurant Celaeno will impress you. There you will enjoy a wide variety of drinks, cocktails and Mediterranean cuisine in the special pool area, with the impressive view of Taygetos and the castle town of Mystras. But the culinary delights offered by Kyniska Palace do not stop here. At our hotel, we make sure that your day starts energetically, with a rich breakfast buffet that includes traditional dishes, freshly squeezed juice from local oranges, local jams and the intoxicating aroma of coffee. Our staff awaits you every morning in the beautiful Dion Hall, helping you to enjoy your breakfast to the fullest.

Kyniska Palace in the Peloponnese is the ultimate wedding trip destination, offering a unique combination of natural beauty, luxurious accommodation, exceptional hospitality and personalized service. Its romantic setting, combined with unique experiences and excellent amenities, ensures that the newlyweds will have the most enjoyable start to their married life!