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Princess Kyniska

Enjoy your stay at one of the splendid suites of Princess Kyniska on the beachfront, with an enchanting view to the cobalt blue of Plytra Bay and feel that absolute sense of relaxation and invigoration.
Welcome to Princess Kyniska Suites - Kyniska Hotels

Welcome to Princess Kyniska Suites

Amidst an enchanting location of unspoiled natural beauty right on the waterfront, Princess Kyniska Suites overlooks the magnificent bay of Plytra, with three extraordinary beaches at its foot. The enchanting scenery provides immaculate panoramic views that can be enjoyed throughout the entire property, in perfect harmony with nature’s bliss.

Dip your feet in the water and enjoy the serenity, lay back on a comfy sun lounger by the swimming pool or set out to explore the landmark surroundings of Karavostasi, so you can embellish your experience with even more visuals of infinite natural beauty in the unrevealed gem of Peloponnese.

Elegant suites

Inspired by the Laconian concept and aimed at showcasing true beauty and a genuine experience, the spacious suites of Princess Kyniska will soothe your senses and take you on a journey to a world of relaxation and discrete luxury.

The spacious suites of Princess Kyniska are elegantly designed with our guests’ serenity in mind; you can enjoy breath-taking views that will enthrall you, either from the suites’ large balconies or from the privacy of your bed while the earthy and pastel colour palette will soothe your senses instantly.

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Our impressive pool will provide hours of refreshment and leisure as you soak up the rays on our pool terrace while enjoying a delicious snack or drink from our Al PaYia pool bar, while taking in the magnificent panorama of colours and shapes that unveils itself for your eyes only. Rejuvenate your mind and body by visiting our in-house Spa. Let us take you on a journey for the senses to help you unwind and recharge your energy.

Our idyllic environment is in perfect harmony with the alluring landscape; is the ideal setting for you to experience a special occasion or event; our open-air terrace overlooking the glistening Mediterranean sea becomes ‘enclosed’ by a natural ceiling full of shining stars at night, making your special occasion seem like a fairytale.