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Greece is a magnificent destination, filled with wonders and hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Through the Kyniska experience, you are most welcome to be part of that amazing journey.
Visit & Stay - Kyniska Hotels

Visit & Stay

Explore the hidden wonders of Peloponnese and discover a world filled with antitheses, an uncharted land where time stands still. The imposing Taygetus with its harsh mountain peaks, the fertile valleys and the lush greenery, all that is blended most magically with the embroidered shores of Lakonia. Enjoy nature at its finest moment, admiring its unpretentious grandeur. However, the Kyniska experience would not be complete without the Athenian landscape. Athens, the emblematic Greek capital with the iconic landmarks and the timeless beauty, is a must-visit destination that complements your stay at Kyniska. Welcome!

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Eat & Drink - Kyniska Hotels

Eat & Drink

Enjoy the original flavors of the Peloponnese, while staying at Kyniska hotels. Kyniska Palace offers delicious dishes and traditional flavors with a modern twist, full of aromas that surprise your palate at Myles Restaurant. At Celaeno pool bar you may try our wide variety of signature cocktails, while our Greek traditional café serves local delicacies and Dion breakfast buffet gives you a great morning boost. Princess Kyniska Suites provides refreshing recipes made of the finest local products at “Princess” restaurant and a healthy, hearty breakfast buffet. On the rooftop, guests enjoy the magnificent views of the bay tasting snacks and refreshing drinks at “Princess Café”. Finally, Al Paya Pool Bar is just the place to be for fruity cocktails in the most romantic, soothing atmosphere.

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Wellness & Relax - Kyniska Hotels

Wellness & Relax

Rejuvenate your body and mind, indulging in a spiritual journey of the senses. Enjoy wellness at its finest moment, as your spirit gets into perfect alignment with your body through absolute relaxation. Book your treatments at our Spa in Kyniska Palace and let our experts pamper you beyond compare. Soothing holistic massage sessions, face and body treatments, as well as special packages for couples and honeymooners, will allow you to relax, and find that precious balance from within!

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I DO.. ! - Kyniska Hotels
I DO.. !

Are you planning your wedding day, in pursuit of the perfect destination to complete this magical experience? Peloponnese is a marvelous place where nature celebrates its antitheses. Be part of Kyniska experience and reach out to our wedding experts, to start planning a wonderful wedding ceremony and an epic wedding reception. Let us know what your dreams are made of, so that we bring them to life on your wedding day. By the outdoor pools of Kyniska Palace and Princess Kyniska Suites, on the rooftop terrace or indoors, pick the perfect backdrop and leave the rest to us…Congratulations!

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Corporate - Kyniska Hotels
Are you interested in hosting a corporate event or a conference? Peloponnese is calling out to you, if you wish to blend 5-star quality services with a cherished location Kyniska Palace is the perfect choice. Pick among the various luxurious spaces that available both outdoors and indoors, combined with modern tailor-made services. All that topped with the marvelous backdrop truly, creating the ideal place to hold events and conferences. Our team of experts will go above and beyond to assist you in organizing and coordinating your event, according to your own needs and desires for the most successful outcome.

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Activities - Kyniska Hotels
  • Horse riding for all ages - therapeutic riding - lessons for beginners
  • Tour of the Medieval Castle of Monemvasia (Upper and Lower Town) & a visit to the impressive fjord in the port of Gerakas
  • Tour of the Medieval Castle City of Monemvasia (Upper and Lower Town) & visit to a Winery. Wine Knowledge is included.
  • Tour of the Medieval Castle City of Monemvasia (Upper and Lower Town) & visit to a restored watermill in Talanta
  • Hiking in the verdant gorge of Balis & visit a restored watermill in Talanta

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Explorations - Kyniska Hotels

Discover the beauty of Peloponnese through customized tours, revealing the most fabulous destinations. Historic sites, places of cultural value, landmarks and picturesque villages, castle towns, all surrounded by nature’s bliss. Set out on magnificent adventures over the highest mountain peaks, or head for the beach. Take in that salty breeze and dive in the crystalline waters, mingling with the hospitable locals.

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Transfers - Kyniska Hotels
Travel in comfort and luxury, exactly the way you deserve. Book your private transfer from and to the airport, or any other location of your choosing. Let us know of your travel details in advance, so that we make sure to organize the most pleasurable transfer that complements your stay at Kyniska!

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