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Have you just tied the knot with your significant other, and are you looking for a calm, idyllic location that will relax you and encourage you to enjoy unique moments? In order for the wonderful memories of your wedding to continue on your honeymoon, choosing the right location and of course the ideal hotel is of utmost importance. The combination of a beautiful destination with a luxurious hotel can truly provide any newlywed couple with unforgettable experiences in the first days of married life. Many people choose a destination abroad, but Greece, with its simple and airy luxury, seascapes, unique hospitality and Mediterranean dishes, can fascinate you. However, the wedding trip does not necessarily have to involve visiting an island, since the mountain also has its own charm. Of course, if there was a place that combined sea and mountain, it would be the ideal scenario. Is there; Is it time to experience unique romantic moments while enjoying the picturesque beauty of the Peloponnese? Wedding trip in a picturesque paradise The Peloponnese is famous for its diversity, as it has not only wonderful beaches but also steep mountains and lush green vineyards. This diversity offers ample possibilities for a newlywed couple to live unique experiences and indulge in different activities. Among the spectacular regions of the Peloponnese, the enchanting Mystras promises to steal the show. At a distance of 5 minutes there is the Kyniska Palace, a luxury hotel that offers excellent hospitality, opportunities for romantic moments and wonderful culinary dishes. Kyniska Palace is located in the Parori region of Laconia, just 10 minutes from the city of Sparta and 5 minutes from the castle city of Mystras. What to expect at Kyniska Palace From the moment you arrive at Kyniska Palace, the hotel staff will do their best to provide you with the hospitality you deserve! The staff are available to assist with any request, and their knowledge of the area and attention to detail ensure a seamless and personalized wedding trip. At the same time, each hotel room has been decorated in such a way that exudes luxury and relaxation, as it has spacious spaces, luxurious bathrooms and balconies with a view, ideal for relaxing and enjoying the amazing scenery. And especially after the frenzied celebration of the wedding, I think it's the right time to take a breath, unwind and spend special moments with your other half. After the wedding celebration is over, Kyniska Palace Hotel is sure to be a haven of comfort and enjoyment during your wedding trip while offering a variety of delightful amenities. Who are they; Relaxing in the luxurious spa or enjoying a refreshing dip in the pool. In fact, the hotel's spa promises to offer unique moments of relaxation for every couple that chooses Kyniska Palace for their honeymoon. Newlywed couples can even enjoy massages, face and body treatments and other unique treatments that offer impressive rejuvenation! Culinary delights Kyniska Palace offers an exceptional dining experience as it has an excellent in-house restaurant, Myles Restaurant, named after the mythical king of Laconia, Myles. The hotel's chef uniquely marries traditional Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with modern flavors and textures. The result: Extremely sensational, especially if paired with a fine wine! For a more romantic experience on your wedding trip, don't hesitate to ask us to serve your food to your room, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a private meal on the balcony or in the comfort of your suite. If, on the other hand, you want a meal in a more romantic setting, the pool bar - restaurant Celaeno will impress you. There you will enjoy a wide variety of drinks, cocktails and Mediterranean cuisine in the special pool area, with the impressive view of Taygetos and the castle town of Mystras. But the culinary delights offered by Kyniska Palace do not stop here. At our hotel, we make sure that your day starts energetically, with a rich breakfast buffet that includes traditional dishes, freshly squeezed juice from local oranges, local jams and the intoxicating aroma of coffee. Our staff awaits you every morning in the beautiful Dion Hall, helping you to enjoy your breakfast to the fullest. Kyniska Palace in the Peloponnese is the ultimate wedding trip destination, offering a unique combination of natural beauty, luxurious accommodation, exceptional hospitality and personalized service. Its romantic setting, combined with unique experiences and excellent amenities, ensures that the newlyweds will have the most enjoyable start to their married life!
The festive season brings with it a magical aura and a need to travel and explore. The magic of Christmas is in every corner of Greece, and all you have to do is decide to discover it. If you want to experience the festive spirit to the fullest, you don't necessarily need to travel abroad. There are plenty of Christmas destinations in Greece that look like they have been taken out of a fairytale setting, including the enchanting Peloponnese, especially the Mystras region. In fact, nestled in the heart of the Peloponnese, at the foot of Mount Taygetus, is Kyniska Palace, an all-suite boutique hotel that promises to offer an unforgettable experience to those looking for a unique and unforgettable Christmas getaway. Treat yourself and your loved ones this festive season to a stay at Kyniska Palace, and let us ensure you enjoy the ultimate Christmas experience! Christmas destinations in Greece: Enjoy the luxurious facilities of Kyniska Palace Unique Christmas destinations in Greece are waiting for you to discover them, such as the enchanting Peloponnese. In order to enjoy the magic of this area, wrapped in a veil of luxury and top services, Kyniska Palace is the top choice for your stay. Our luxury hotel seamlessly blends contemporary elegance with laconic influences, creating an atmosphere that is both classy and at the same time utterly welcoming. From the moment guests set foot in the hotel complex, our experienced staff systematically makes sure to provide the best possible services so they can't wait to visit again. Luxuriously appointed suites and rooms offer spectacular views of unique landscapes, each designed with meticulous attention to detail to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment. Christmas culinary delights at the Myles restaurant Christmas destinations in Greece, if not accompanied by top culinary delights, cannot offer a complete experience. That is why at Kyniska Palace we make sure that the Christmas you will spend with us is a feast for the senses. At Myles Restaurant, the hotel's flagship restaurant, every guest is sure to experience a wonderful dining experience. Indulge in a culinary journey with Christmas dishes carefully curated by our top chefs. At Myles Restaurant, delectable Greek cuisine meets the top quality local ingredients of the Peloponnese. From traditional Christmas dishes to more sophisticated culinary delights, we're sure you'll find exactly what you desire. Pair our restaurant's fine dining experience with fine wines sourced from local vineyards, adding a touch of sophistication to your festive meal. Christmas destinations in Greece: At Kyniska Palace in Peloponnese it's time to relax and rejuvenate If Christmas destinations in Greece are accompanied by opportunities for relaxation and pampering, ultimate enjoyment is guaranteed! Let's not forget that the cold of winter strongly affects our skin, which needs enhanced care, especially during the festive months which are ideal for going out and meeting loved ones. Of course, at Kyniska Palace we have taken care of that too! In addition to luxurious accommodations and culinary delights, we have a wonderful spa with hot tubs and other unique services. From relaxing massages to revitalizing facials and body treatments, we're sure you'll find just that wellness ritual you're looking for. Thus, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of calm and renewal, finally saying goodbye to the stress and fatigue of the year. Still wondering what the perfect Christmas destinations in Greece are? But of course the Peloponnese and the magical area of ​​Mystras, especially if accompanied by a stay at the luxurious Kyniska Palace! For those looking for a truly unforgettable Christmas experience, Kyniska Palace is the ultimate destination. It is a place where luxury meets traditional laconic beauty and where every detail is meticulously designed to ensure an unforgettable holiday getaway. It is our absolute desire to create a festive experience that will be full of indelible memories for everyone who chooses our hotel for their stay this Christmas!
In the world of luxury amenities, finding a hotel that combines luxury and relaxation is a rare case. Kyniska Palace, a luxury hotel nestled in the heart of the Peloponnese, is a testament to the unique synergy of unparalleled comfort and rejuvenation. The hotel has top facilities with a spa and swimming pool and promises unforgettable moments of relaxation to every guest.Kyniska Palace: Hotel with a spa for unique moments of relaxationLocated on the gorgeous Peloponnese region, Kyniska Palace offers a remarkable escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The hotel has been designed and decorated in a way that blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings, creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony. The moment the visitors enters the hotel, they immediately feel a sense of peace and tranquility, while at the same time they are sure to be impressed by the luxurious decoration and unique facilities.A hotel with a spa like no otherOne of the aspects that make up the charm of Kyniska Palace is its spa facilities. At the luxury hotel Kyniska Palace Conference & Spa 5*, relaxation is serious business. The hotel complex offers a variety of spa treatments designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you're looking for stress relief, detoxification or rejuvenation, our expert spa staff apply personalized treatments that will turn your moments of rejuvenation into the ultimate wellness experience. The hotel's spa services often include a combination of treatments such as massages, body scrubs and facials. From therapeutic massages to advanced anti-aging facials, each treatment is meticulously designed to deliver a luxurious experience that dazzles the senses. The spa is staffed by a team of highly trained individuals who are dedicated to providing top quality services. This ensures that each guest receives the personalized care they deserve.The ultimate spa experienceKyniska Palace's spa is not just a place for pampering and rejuvenation. is a sanctuary where guests can escape, relax and rediscover themselves. Overall, every aspect of the spa experience has been curated to be memorable. The hotel is equipped with spa services as well as a wonderful indoor heated pool, with jacuzzi, hammam and sauna. Our aim is to offer you a holistic rejuvenating experience so that, combined with our top amenities and the luxurious decoration of each room, you will leave feeling at least excited!Kyniska Palace: A world full of comfort and luxuryKyniska Palace's commitment to luxury and relaxation extends beyond the spa. The hotel offers a wide range of amenities and services to ensure that your stay is nothing less than ideal and flawless. Every guest can enjoy, in addition to the comforts provided, excellent dining experiences in the hotel's "Myles" restaurant, where the best local ingredients are transformed into culinary masterpieces. The 'Dion' breakfast room invites guests to start their day with a delicious breakfast before exploring the stunning surroundings. Every aspect of the services offered by the particular hotel with a spa, it has been meticulously curated, aiming to satisfy even the most demanding visitor.Kyniska Palace is a luxury hotel with a world-class spa that epitomizes relaxation and rejuvenation. Its spa facilities are nothing short of exceptional, offering a range of wellness experiences and unique moments of rejuvenation. Every aspect of the spa facilities is designed to complete the escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you are looking for a place where luxury and tranquility converge, where natural beauty and opulence coexist, Kyniska Palace is the ultimate destination for you. It is not just a hotel, but an opportunity to enter a world of well-being, peace and rejuvenation, ensuring that your stay is an experience you will remember for many years.
As the summer sun begins to fade and the autumn breeze starts to make its appearance, there is a magical quality to autumn that prompts us to enjoy its unique charm. While many travelers choose to visit summer destinations, there is a growing trend to discover the beauty and tranquility of fall getaways. If you're looking for the perfect autumn getaway, then Kyniska Palace, located in the heart of the Peloponnese, is a choice that will definitely fascinate you. This hotel is equipped with all the comforts like outdoor as well as indoor heated swimming pool where you can relax and take a dive even in the autumn months.   Kyniska Palace: A gem in the heart of the Peloponnese   Kyniska Palace is a true jewel of the Peloponnese, offering an exquisite combination of luxury, indulgent amenities and elegant beauty. It is the ideal place to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the peaceful autumn atmosphere. The hotel is famous for its stunning outdoor as well as indoor heated pool, where guests can take a dive, relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings, even in the autumn months. This hotel is equipped not only with an indoor pool but also with a hot tub, and unique spa services are also offered.   Hotel with swimming pool: Experience a unique experience of pleasure   Kyniska Palace is a luxury hotel with an outdoor and indoor swimming pool. Whether you're an early riser looking for an invigorating morning dip or prefer a leisurely afternoon dip, the pool is waiting for you to enjoy its waters. Comfortable sun loungers and shaded areas surround the outdoor pool, inviting you to enjoy the warm autumn sun or relax with a good book. It will be easy for you to lose track of time as you enjoy moments of tranquility at the water's edge.   Of course, the hotel is also equipped with an indoor heated pool. The indoor pool at Kyniska Palace is more than just a place to swim. it is a haven of peace where you can escape the outside world and immerse yourself in relaxation. Whether you book your getaway in the cooler fall months or simply prefer the comfort of an indoor pool, our elegantly designed space is the perfect retreat.   Hotel with a swimming pool and spa services: Rejuvenation at its best   At Kyniska Palace, we understand that true relaxation goes hand in hand with indulgent spa services. Our spa is a paradise of wellness, where you can choose from a variety of treatments and massages that perfectly meet your needs. The experienced hands of our therapists release tension and offer unique, enjoyable moments of relaxation. You can also choose a luxurious facial, tailored to your skin type and needs. Our facial treatments cleanse, nourish and rejuvenate your skin, leaving you with an impressive glow. Our spa professionals are dedicated to providing the highest level of care to each and every guest.   Autumn in the Peloponnese: A unique delight   One of the most captivating aspects of visiting Kyniska Palace in autumn is the opportunity to experience the unique beauty of the area during this season. As the temperatures remain quite pleasant, without being unbearably hot, you can explore the surrounding area in comfort. In fact, you can take a walk in the charming villages of the Peloponnese, where time seems to stand still and the traditional stone houses tell stories of past centuries.   What truly sets Kyniska Palace apart is its warm hospitality and dedication to ensuring your stay is nothing short of perfect. The staff works systematically to meet your needs and make you experience the ultimate care. As fall approaches, there's no better time to plan your Kyniska Palace getaway than now. Whether you're traveling as a couple looking for a romantic retreat, or looking for a family adventure, Kyniska Palace offers a unique and unforgettable experience either way. This hotel is equipped with a swimming pool, hot tub, spa and other unique facilities that are sure to offer you unique moments of well-being and relaxation. So pack your bags and get ready to enjoy your dives in the pool, surrounded by the beauty of the Peloponnese, at Kyniska Palace. Embrace the magic of fall and create memories that will last a lifetime.
The quiet luxury trend represents unpretentious elegance and personalized service. It refers to a more refined form of luxury, unlike traditional luxury which is often associated with extravagance and a constant tendency to show off, quiet luxury represents a more modern and differentiated approach to luxury that emphasizes quality and attention to detail. This is exactly what we are committed to offering at our luxury hotel complex, Kyniska Palace. At Kyniska Palace we welcome you to a place where tranquility meets luxury, where every moment is highly enjoyable and every detail has been meticulously curated for your ultimate comfort and satisfaction. Nestled in the heart of the Peloponnese, our luxury hotel is a haven of serenity and elegance.   The profile of a quiet luxury traveler   If someone prefers peaceful surroundings, quiet destinations, seamless service and minimalist design, then they probably meet the profile of a quiet luxury traveler. This trend in travel and hotel selection is more about experience and aesthetics than cost. This trend actually represents a philosophy of life that puts quality and a calm environment above all else.   Kyniska Palace, the ultimate embodiment of the quiet luxury trend   The trend of quiet luxury dictates offering every guest a high level of service, always with absolute attention to detail, without the extravagance often associated with traditional luxury. This can be seen from the use of high-quality materials and furniture in the hotel rooms and the emphasis on personalized service that meets the unique needs and preferences of each guest. Each room and suite are a haven of comfort and elegance, designed to meet the highest standards of satisfaction. At Kyniska Palace, we are committed every day to providing services that meet every individual need. Our dedicated team of staff is trained to listen to your wishes and fulfill them in the best possible way, ensuring that your stay is ideal and enjoyable.   Personalized services for every need   At Kyniska Palace, we do everything in our power to ensure your satisfaction. As we appreciate the fact that you have chosen our place, we make sure to satisfy your every need as best we can. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. With top-notch services and impeccably designed spaces, Kyniska Palace is the ideal combination of elegance and impressive luxury. The hotel complex includes a variety of accommodation options that undoubtedly cover all the tastes and individual needs of each individual guest. At the same time, it offers an impressive view of the peaceful waves of the sea, while its elegant interiors whisper "quiet luxury" at every step.   The perfectly designed and decorated spaces are complemented by top beauty and wellness services, for a complete relaxation experience that promises to leave the best memories for every guest. For guests looking for relaxation and an escape from the speed and stress of everyday life, Kyniska Palace has spa facilities, an indoor heated pool, hot tub, hammam, sauna and massage rooms. Each traveler can choose the ideal treatment or massage for their own needs, while our expert therapists and state-of-the-art facilities work hard to provide moments of total renewal and relaxation.   Quiet luxury is not just a trend, but a reflection of a wider shift in consumer values ​​and behaviours. It represents a more careful and conscious approach to luxury, one that focuses on quality and personalization, rather than just the superficial display of wealth. For travelers who appreciate quality service, elegant decor and a peaceful location, Kyniska Palace is the ideal choice. Are you still making your reservation?
Every parent dreams of making their child's christening a magical and unforgettable experience, from the beginning of the sacrament to the table that follows. All aspects of organizing this event require planning and careful organization, from the choice of church and decorations to the photographer and the place where the reception will be. If you are looking for a special place to arrange your child's christening reception, we have the solution for you. Imagine celebrating this joyous occasion in a fairytale setting, characterized by unparalleled beauty and elegant luxury. At Princess Kyniska's luxury suites, we can turn your child's christening into a cherished memory that you and your loved ones will remember forever.Christening in a magical locationIn an idyllic location overlooking the Mediterranean and the enchanting bay of Plytra in the Peloponnese, are the luxurious suites of Princess Kyniska. Our hotel complex offers a seaside, enchanting setting for your child's christening. The enchanting landscape offers a panoramic view that you can enjoy throughout the property, in perfect harmony with nature. The beautiful surrounding area of ​​our hotel's outdoor pool, with a capacity of approximately 300 people, can accommodate every unique moment - ​milestone of your life in elegance and luxury. The magical location overlooking the endless blue and the professionalism of our team are a guarantee for the success of your every event.Luxury Event VenuesOur hotel has a range of stylish event spaces for you to choose from which best represents your aesthetic. Each of these venues has been carefully designed to meet the unique needs of a multitude of events. Whether you prefer a christening in a closed circle or a grand event, our team will make every effort to satisfy all your needs and wishes. Our experienced team members work hard in every case to ensure that even the smallest detail has been taken care of.Wonderful culinary delights that accompany every christeningWhat post-christening table is complete without food? In our opinion, none, which is why we make sure to complement every event with wonderful culinary delights that promise to surprise even the most discerning gourmet. From delicious appetizers to impressive main courses, our menus are customized to suit your preferences and dietary requirements. Let us pamper your guests by offering them culinary delights they will never forget.Magical decoration & pleasant stayNow, you can transform your child's christening into a real fairy tale with the wonderful decoration options we offer. From whimsical flower arrangements to enchanting decorative elements, we create a dreamy setting, a magical atmosphere that will leave all your guests in awe. At the same time, as part of the christening celebration, we offer luxurious accommodation options for you and your guests. Each room and suite has been carefully designed, offering the perfect place to relax and continue the celebrations after the christening.Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your child's christening is flawless. From planning to execution, we will work closely with you to understand your vision and deliver an event that exceeds your expectations. Working tirelessly towards that goal, we help you turn your child's christening into a magical event, full of love, joy and memories that will last a lifetime. At Princess Kyniska Suites, we are dedicated to making your wishes come true, ensuring that your child's christening is a captivating, wonderful experience.
Organizing a wedding, let alone a reception, is far from an easy task. A wedding is the ultimate expression of love and finding the perfect reception venue is essential to creating memories that will last a lifetime. The ideal reception venue is selected after evaluating a series of criteria, so that each couple can end up in the venue that they consider best represents their needs and aesthetics. Wrapped in a veil of elegant luxury, Princess Kyniska's mesmerising suites can turn your wedding day into the most enchanting experience. With its impeccable service, breathtaking views and an abundance of luxurious amenities, this luxurious retreat sets the stage for an idyllic love feast to remember forever. Princess Kyniska Suites: A magical wedding reception venue With a magnificent view of the beach of Plytra, at a strategic junction between Mani, Mystras and Monemvasia, the Princess Kyniska suites are located. The luxurious hotel complex, inspired by Laconian beauty, has a series of excellent spaces that can meet the needs and desires of every couple. Whether you envision an idyllic setting by the pool, or a stunning reception on the magnificent rooftop terrace of the Princess Restaurant with a unique view of Plytra Bay, each of the hotel complex's banquet facilities can be customized to bring your vision to life. Organization of each wedding reception by the hotel's specialized team Behind every successful wedding reception is a specialized team of professionals who undertake to organize it. The hotel's team of dedicated professionals can ensure that every detail is meticulously planned to create a truly unforgettable experience, perfectly tailored to your own individual needs. From decorating the wedding reception venue to the wedding reception and serving each guest, the Princess Kyniska team makes sure you and your loved ones are completely satisfied. Our dedicated event management team and hotel staff ensure that every aspect of your wedding reception is executed flawlessly. A wedding reception venue that exudes unparalleled luxury Enter a world of absolute luxury as you step into Princess Kyniska Suites. From the moment you arrive, the hotel staff welcome you with the utmost care and attention to detail. The hotel's elegant interiors, decorated with attention to detail, exude an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication. The luxurious suites and rooms offer a haven of comfort and enjoyment for you and your guests, ensuring a restful stay after the wedding celebration is over. Beyond the wedding reception, Princess Kyniska Suites offers a variety of delightful amenities for you and your guests. Relax in the luxurious spa, enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool or explore the hotel's scenic surroundings. Unique culinary delights At Princess Kyniska Suites, the culinary experience is serious business. Each reception area within the hotel complex is accompanied by a multitude of culinary delights that promise to fascinate even the most demanding guest. From delectable appetizers to gourmet menus, every dish is crafted with precision and attention to detail. The Princess Restaurant offers abundant culinary options, with flavors and aromas that really fascinate. The hotel also offers personalized menus for each wedding reception, fully tailored to the preferences and wishes of each couple. For those looking for a unique wedding reception that exceeds all expectations, Princess Kyniska Suites is the epitome of optimal amenities and elegance. With stunning venues, unmatched luxury, exceptional service and delightful amenities, the hotel complex ensures that the banquet venue you have chosen for the most important day of your life will meet your every expectation. We will make sure you live the most beautiful day of your life exactly as you dream. The hotel staff will be happy to help you coordinate the wedding and fulfill your every wish.
Summer has arrived and it's time to organize the holidays! A large number of families wish to enjoy beautiful moments of relaxation and fun with their children, away from the bustling life of Athens. When it comes to planning a family vacation, choosing the right destination is crucial. There are many factors to consider, such as having activity options for all ages, comfortable, spacious facilities, good food and a safe, welcoming environment. The ideal family vacations are characterized by choosing a location that includes beautiful scenery, good food, impeccable service, relaxation for the parents and fun with lots of activities for the children. If you are looking for an option that covers all these parameters, then Princess Kyniska's suites will satisfy all your requirements. With its breathtaking location, excellent amenities and wide range of activities for the whole family, our hotel is the perfect choice for an unforgettable and enjoyable family getaway. Family vacation at Pricess Kyniska: Unique amenities & facilities Princess Kyniska's suites feature exceptional amenities designed to accommodate even large families. Spacious and comfortable rooms or suites provide plenty of space to accommodate all family members, even babies. Choosing a hotel for family vacations should be based on providing comfortable accommodations that can accommodate everyone. Comfortable beds, plenty of storage space and other details that make the difference make up the welcoming atmosphere of Princess Kyniska. This hotel complex offers suites with all modern comforts, which satisfy both parents and our little friends, while baby cots are also available free of charge. Vacation for the whole family on Princess Kyniska: Emphasis on dining options Family holidays often involve a variety of dietary preferences and requirements. A hotel that offers a variety of dining options, including kid-friendly menus, can be a lifesaver. A rich breakfast buffet, a casual restaurant with kid-friendly dishes and room service offer convenience and flexibility for families. Princess Kyniska's suites offer a wide variety of dining options, with both the Al Pa Ya Pool Bar and the Princess Restaurant serving delicious and nutritious meals that will satisfy even the most discerning of diners. In fact, a rich breakfast is provided with many options to satisfy all members of the family. By focusing on the quality of service we offer at Princess Kyniska, we strive to ensure that every member of the family is comfortable and satisfied. The privileged location as a key factor in choosing a hotel for family vacations Especially when it comes to family vacations, but also any type of getaway, a key factor is the location of the hotel. It is important that the hotel that the family chooses is in a privileged location, i.e., close to the sea, offers direct access to places to eat, but also to supermarkets, as well as everything that every family needs, so that they can enjoy comfortable holidays. Families looking for a magical place to relax by the sea are sure to love Princess Kyniska's enchanting location. Built in an idyllic seaside location, it offers plenty of moments of relaxation and peace. It overlooks the bay of Plytra, while three excellent beaches are nearby. Pachia Ammos beach is nearby, so parents can relax and enjoy the wonderful summer weather all day long, while children will enjoy swimming and playing in its crystal-clear waters. Nearby there is an abundant choice of traditional tavernas and supermarkets, for a complete family holiday experience that will satisfy all members of the family. At the same time, safety is a top priority in Princess Kyniska's suites. Strict hygiene and safety measures are in place to ensure the well-being of guests, including enhanced cleaning protocols and regular disinfection of common areas. The aim is to create a safe environment where families can relax and create unique memories without any worries. When it comes to choosing the perfect family vacation destination, the Princess Kyniska Suites are an ideal destination. With its breathtaking location, exceptional amenities, wide range of family-friendly activities and emphasis on safety, the hotel complex offers an unforgettable experience for all members of the family. So, pack your bags, leave all worries behind and create unique family memories at our hotel!
Spring has arrived, and along with the colorful blooming flowers and sunny weather it has brought the desire for excursions away from Athens. Whichever city, big or small, someone chooses to visit, it is for sure the best time, as the beauty is brought out by the beautiful trees, blooming flowers and sunny atmosphere. Among the most enticing destinations is the enchanting castle town of Mystras, a gem in the heart of the Peloponnese. Mystras is an ideal destination in the spring months, as it promises to take you on a magical journey through time and history, while providing all the comforts of today. In fact, the archaeological site of Mystras is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. But what are the reasons to visit Mystras in spring?
One of the most beautiful times of the year has finally arrived, and it invites us to take advantage of it for our personal pleasure! The summer months are just a breath away, motivating us to enjoy the blooming and sunny moments of nature, in an impressive feast of colors and fragrances. The magic of the spring and summer scents invites us to meet and discover small heavenly destinations that are right next to us. One of these destinations that really impresses are Plytra and Monemvasia, two areas that are ideally combined in one trip, for an experience that will remain unforgettable. The trip to Monemvasia and Plytra is a delightful experience of relaxation, exploration and absolute beauty, far from the worries and anxieties of everyday life!
Peloponnese, with its endless blue and enchanting landscapes, offers plenty ofoptions for vacation. This area combines ancient history, impressive naturalbeauty and enchanting beaches. If you are a nature lover, the Peloponnese hasspectacular landscapes and wild beauty that will captivate your eyes. But apartfrom the stone-built buildings, the cobbled alleys and the wild beauty, thePeloponnese stands out for its enchanting beaches with blue-green, enchantingwaters, which transport the visitor to a fairytale setting. Vacation at Peloponneseoffer a unique experience of discovery and amusement that will surely remainunforgettable. But which parts of the Peloponnese are ideal destinations forunique moments of relaxation and renewal?Vacation at Peloponnese: Visit at the impressive AreopolisAreopolis is located in the heart of historic Mani and is a traditional village thatwarmly welcomes every visitor. Here, your vacation will be an absolute pleasurefull of authenticity, hospitality and beauty. Start your wander on the picturesquecobbled streets of Areopolis, where stone architecture meets the picturesquelandscape. Stroll through the picturesque alleys, discover the traditional stonehouses with blooming bougainvillea and tour the glamor of the glorious past. Thenatural landscape exudes a wild charm, with the stone houses and the imposingstone towers that impress every visitor. Your vacation at Peloponnese could notfail to include exploring the diverse attractions that offer a fascinating glimpseinto the past. Starting from the center of Areopolis, you immediately face thesquare of the Immortals, dominated by the statue of Petrobeis Mavromichalis. Ifyou choose to climb the cobbled streets of the traditional settlement, animpressive view unfolds before your eyes, with traditional towers, some ofwhich now house museums. It is also worth visiting the impressive churches,while on the outskirts of Areopolis you will find the monastery of PanagiaTsipiotissa with excellent frescoes from the 18th century. The beautiful and picturesque Oitylo is one of the oldest cities of Laconian Mani.If you decide to take a vacation in the Peloponnese, it is definitely worth visitingits seaside, wild beauty. On the coastline of the bay of Oitylo is one of the topvacation options, the enchanting Karavostasi. The picturesqueness anduniqueness of the landscape promises to fascinate even the most demandingvisitor, with its stone settlements, imposing castles and Byzantine and Post-Byzantine churches. A tour of the stone-built cobblestones and paths is enoughto unfold before the visitor's eyes the rich history of the place. In fact, Oitylo hasmany caves with rich decorations, which are worth visiting during your vacationin the Peloponnese, especially the caves of Diros, which represent the mostbeautiful lake caves in the world. One can visit the caves of Diros by choosing thetourist route by boat, which lasts around 25-30 minutes. At the same time, thesandy or pebbly beaches of the area challenge every visitor to discover them andswim in their crystal-clear waters.Vacation Peloponnese: Visit to Limeni, a seaside gemIf you decide to take a vacation in the Peloponnese, don't forget to visit Limeni,the seaside gem of Mani. The image that one sees upon visiting this particularvillage is truly impressive, as an earthly paradise unfolds before one's eyes withstone houses on the water. Upon arrival in Limeni, you will see the palace ofPetrobei with its four-story tower, while it is also worth a visit to the beautifulpicturesque churches such as that of Agios Sostis. The rocky landscape occupiesmost of the beach and the village in general, which exudes an impressive beauty,enchanting every visitor. If someone wishes to enjoy swimming on a long beach,the ideal choice is the long sandy beach between Neo Oitilo and Karavostasi. Ifyou decide to visit Limeni, it is worth making a trip to Diros Cave, as well as toGythio and the impressive Vathia.Swimming in the enchanting waters of Plytra beachThe enchanting Plytra is part of the Municipality of Monemvasia, and is a holidaygem of the Peloponnese. In addition to the boats, the residents' fishing boats andpleasure boats moor in its large port, while opposite the impressive settlement ofKaravostasi is located. In Plytra, in the Kokkinies area, there is the sunkenancient state of ancient Asopos. The ruins of the sunken city are visible to thenaked eye in the sea and along the coast. In fact, swimmers can enjoy its beautyby wearing a simple mask. For those who want to enjoy their swim, the popularand blue flag-awarded Pachia Ammos beach is also located in the settlement. InPlytra there are many options for accommodation and leisure, with the topchoice being the spacious suites of Princess Kyniska.Accommodation during your vacation at Peloponnese at Princess KyniskaSuitesBuilt in a location of unique natural beauty right on the sea, Princess Kyniska'ssuites are a typical example of refined luxury and laconic beauty. From themoment you step foot inside, you are transported to a space of absolute pleasure,where every detail is meticulously designed to ensure an unforgettableexperience. Each suite is designed to create an oasis of indulgence where you canrelax and rejuvenate in an atmosphere of ultimate pampering. The panoramicview from every suite in the complex serves as a constant reminder of the beautythat surrounds you and is waiting to be discovered. For the ultimate relaxationexperience, do not hesitate to visit the hotel complex's spa, where you will enjoyrelaxing massages and rejuvenating facials that will awaken your senses. Interms of dining options, whether you decide to visit the Al Pa Ya Pool Bar or thePrincess Restaurant, you will enjoy unique culinary combinations and drinks atall hours of the day. The swimming pool of the hotel complex is also waiting foryou to visit it and enjoy the amazing view.Whichever region of the Peloponnese you choose to spend your vacation in, youare sure to be impressed. The wild beauty, the crystal waters, the picturesquealleys and the stone towers promise a unique experience of exploration,relaxation and amusement. The vacation at Peloponnese is an experience worthexperiencing, as the landscape that unfolds before the eyes of every visitor trulyenchants the senses! Have you booked your stay yet?