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Kyniska Hotels

Welcome to Kyniska Experience! Explore the hidden wonders of Peloponnese and discover a world filled with antitheses, an uncharted land where time stands still…Or join us in Athens, the emblematic Greek capital with the iconic landmarks and vibrant lifestyle, where it all happens.

Our story

Our name has been inspired by the Ancient Heritage of Laconia, which transcends the modernity of our properties and echoes in the peacefully wild landscape that surrounds us.

Kyniska was the daughter of King Archidamos of Sparta and had great stature, not only by her family’s power but also for her own achievements. She was a skillful equestrian, also breeding horses. Kyniska became the first female Olympic Champion in 396 and 392 BC., winning at the chariots and gaining a special place in our heart.

Why Kyniska Hotels - Kyniska Hotels

Why Kyniska Hotels

1. Supreme Stay
A variety of accommodation options, undoubtedly covering all individual needs and preferences of our guests.

2. Personalized Service
Surrender to the high-quality services, genuine care and smile of our staff, leading to that marvelous sense of complete relaxation.

3. Unique Location 
Combine the idyllic, unexplored land of Peloponnese with the authentic vibe of Athens in the perfect fusion.

Premium Collection - Indulge in Absolute Luxury & Supreme Pampering
Kyniska Palace Hotel
Kyniska Palace Hotel
Princess Kyniska Suites
Princess Kyniska Suites
Cozy Collection-Chic Retreats Embracing Comfort & Style

For those in search of the perfect place to relax by the sea, look no further. Kyniska Hotel is ideal for families and travelers who cherish serenity.

Kyniska Hotel
Urban Collection - Feel the Modern Vibe of the City

Right in the heart of the city, Kyniska Athens Apartments are an excellent choice of accommodation for those who wish to experience Athens from a privileged point of view.

Kyniska Athens Apartments
Kyniska Athens Apartments

Stay in elegance & comfort

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Princess Kyniska Suites - Stay 3 Pay 2!!!!
Stay 3 Weekdays between Sunday and Thursday in our Sea View Suites and Pay 2 !•Book Now ...