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Monemvasia - Peloponnese - Kyniska Group of Hotels

Monemvasia - Peloponnese

The region of the Peloponnese constitutes a great destination offering a multitude of choices that include numerous historical sites and monuments as well as breath-taking scenery. With Karavostasi as the base for your daily escapades, there are many and diverse excursions to choose from that will enhance your experience with knowledge, and amusement, thus creating unforgettable memories!

Excursions & sightseeing

Monemvasia (35 km), Elafonisos (43 km), Gytheio (54 km), Mystras, the Dirou Caves, the Kastanias Cavern (53 km), Neapoli (43 km), Areopoli and Skala (35 km) are only some of all possible excursions.

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