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Monemvasia is a municipality located 35km away from Karavostasi, that combines the unique natural morphology of a landscape with man-made entrenchment and residential structures.

 Being an islet, linked to the mainland of the Peloponnese by a causeway, Monemvasia is, essentially, a floating fortress with great strategical and mercantile prominence in the marine trade between East and West.

Two worlds exist on the rock as it stands today: the coastal Lower city, and the elevated Upper city.

The perimeter of the Lower city is protected by a stone wall that has been built over the centuries, thus creating a containment of the city on the southeastern side of the rock. The stone wall embraces all the well maintained and renovated buildings that are architecturally balanced in harmony with the essence of the Aegean sea and the wildness of the natural rock. The Lower city is charged with the buzz of the lapping sea against its shores and the bustling of the residents within its picturesque streets.

The Upper city is situated at the upper part of the rock and is considered an impregnable natural fortress. Being at such a height, it enjoys magnificent views of the Myrtoo pelago part of the Aegean sea. The Upper city is home to historic structures that lie in ruins for the most part, however there are some structures that are preserved until this day. There is a calm and serene power about this place and access to the Upper city is achieved by foot and via the boisterous Lower city.