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Road Trip in Peloponnese

Routes of unparalleled natural beauty, wild landscapes that enchant, historic destinations, orgasmic nature, great archaeological sites and museums, under the strong light of the Peloponnesian sun. Starting from your hotel in MystrasKyniska Palace, get in the car and start an unforgettable road trip to reveal the beauties of the area one by one. This is for sure an authentic Greek experience!

Sparta and Mystras

From the legendary Sparta of Leonidas to the Byzantine castle town of Mystras, wonderful pictures and experiences await you a breath away from Kyniska Palace. Sparti is just 5 km away from the hotel, while Mystras, only a 5-minute drive away, will introduce you to its mystical vibes.

Messinian Mani
Kalamata – Stoupa – Kardamyli

The beautiful city of Kalamata is only 58 km away from Sparta and is undoubtedly one of the top destinations in the Peloponnese. If you are feeling adventurous, we suggest that you follow the route that connects Sparta and Kalamata via Taygetos. Your journey by car will take a bit more than an hour, but the wonderful mountainous landscape, full of steep rocks and running waters, will compensate you.
After reaching Kalamata, head east to reach the irresistible cinematic Kardamyli (37 km), and the coastal Stoupa, after 45 km of enjoyable driving.


Just 66.5km away from Sparta, Monemvasia is one more enchanting castle town in the Peloponnese that undoubtedly deserves your visit. Enjoy the idyllic atmosphere, wander around the narrow streets, visit the house of the great Greek poet YannisRitsos and ascend to the Upper Town to admire the breathtaking view of Myrtoosea.


Gythio is just 47.3 km away from Sparta and is a seaside island town with a scent of nobility and history. Admire the great tower houses of unique local architecture, discover the famous wreck and swim in the wonderful beaches of Skoutari, Kalyvia and Kamares.